The new day-night roller blinds are a modern solution. They have a double-fabric, which has both see-through and thick fabric stripes. By arranging both of the fabrics it is possible to achieve the desired look.

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Day-night blind benefits :


  • Suitable for spaces where blinds mostly are half-closed
  • Elegant and good-looking
  • Suitable for houses as well as offices
  • Can be used as a décor for walls or ceilings
  • Company logo or any other print can be imprinted
  • Can be combined with curtains
  • Ideal for ground floor


They can be attached as a roller cartridge in window frame or like classical roller blinds on the wall. By pulling the special chain the stripes can be arranged so the light doesn’t go through or vice versa. At the bottom the offset is specially made for the system “Day-Night”, so the double fabric, sliding through it would slide on the roll.

We do not recommend to completely open and close this type of blinds every day, because the sides of the fabric can become outworn quicker.



All of the fabrics for the roller blinds are specially processed with dust resisting substance and that’s why there is no need to wash them. It is possible to give them to the dry cleaners, or to change the fabric with time, but it will serve no less than 5 years. No need to wash as frequently as curtains. It is easy to clean it with vacuum cleaner or soft brush, or to take them off and give to the dry cleaners.

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