Aluminum Venetian blinds are a traditional product that give versatility with privacy and light control.

With Aluminum slat in modern colours they can be used to create a feature window or compliment the colours of your house.

Aluminum venetian blinds offer you a 25mm and a 50mm slat in a wide range of colours. We offer a simple wand control system for easy tilting of the slat to adjust for light and to open and close the blind.

We also can offer you shaped and angled venetian blinds to suit new modern architecturally designed windows that are hard to cover.

Traditional Venetians have been used extensively in both commercial and domestic applications and still are a very cost effective product that give fantastic light, sun and heat control at any window.

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Aluminum Venetian blind benefits :

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t fade and deform in the sunshine
  • Can be used in spaces with higher-than-average humidity – bathrooms, saunas, greenhouses, SPA etc.
  • Suitable for spaces with higher hygienic requirements – cafes, restaurants, diners, hospitals etc.
  • Completely safe for health and doesn’t trigger allergies
  • Can be well combined with curtains and different type of blinds
  • Easy to regulate the amount of sunshine in the room
  • Doesn’t catch smells and dust
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for private spaces as well as offices and factories
  • More than 70 different color tones available, so the blinds can be adjusted for any kinds of wishes and design
  • For double-glazed window aluminum blinds, the window can be opened in vertical as well as in vertical plane
  • Double-glazed window intended aluminum blinds doesn’t take up more space.
  • Double-glazed window intended aluminum blinds doesn’t hang loose and doesn’t interfere with the opening of the window.
  • Double-glazed window intended aluminum blinds also look elegant, because the decorative aluminum plaque hides all the control systems


Aluminum Venetian blinds can be cleaned with soft vacuum cleaner brush and can be regularly washed with soft piece of cloth, which has been soaked in soap water. For washing clean water can be used, as well as soap water without any cleaning solutions. Water can be cold as well as warm, but it must not be boiling hot.

If the blinds are very dirty, then it is recommended to carefully take down the whole construction and place it in a bathtub of warm soap water, wash them thoroughly, dry them and put them back up. Can be put back on still wet. Cornice with control mechanism must not be wet in any case.

For prolonging the use of the blinds we recommend to smear cornice the control mechanism cornice with silicone paste. We recommend to do this not less than once in a year and the paste can be purchased with us.


Slats can be rotated around its own point with special control cord help. By pulling it the blinds can be rotated parallel to the window and in this position they do not let through the daylight, but in perpendicular position the blinds are maximally opened to the daylight.


You can lift the blinds by pulling the control cord. Lowering the blinds is done by pulling the control cord in direction of the center, that way the latch is freed and after that slowly releasing the cord. We recommend lifting blinds when slats are parallel to the window. You have to be careful so the animals and children don’t entangle in the cords while playing.

Our Collection

08 08 White 25mm

08p 08P White perforated25mm

04 04 Grey 25mm

02-P 02P Gey perforated 25mm

15 15 Light Beige 25mm

15a 15a Dark Beige 25mm

16 16 Brown 25mm

56 56 Dark brown 25mm

22 22 Lemon yellow 25mm

43 43 Pink 25mm

44 44 Violet shine.25mm

45b 45 Violet 25mm

50b 50/55 red/white (two sided) 25mm


Horiz_alumin-_paraugs_1 Horiz_alumin-_paraugs.3jpg Horiz_alumin-_paraugs horizontal_alumin_paraugs_2

natural1 Natural – 501/ 251
american-walnut American walnut – 504/254

maple1 Maple – 502/ 252
red-mahogany1 Red mahagony – 505/255

golden-oak1 Golden oak – 503/ 253
walnut1 Walnut – 504d/ 254d