Vertical fabric blinds are an elegant addition to the interior. They are made from 100% polyester and jacquard. All the fabrics are specially processed so the blinds would be durable and dust resistant.


Fabrics with special Teflon coating are available, cleaning of which is easy, because the blinds doesn’t absorb a single drop of water. They are suitable for diners, kitchens, bathrooms and saunas. There are fabrics which are specially suitable for spaces where fire safety is important. There are fabrics with pearl powder coating, which increases the sun reflection percentage. They are specially made so they don’t overheat.

Available blind slat width is 127 mm and 89 mm.


Benefits of Vertical fabric blinds:

  • Suitable for living spaces as well as offices and public spaces
  • Finally you will be available to sleep during the day if you choose any fabric from the special fabrics which reflect sun 100%. Light tones are available.
  • You won’t have to sweat and suffer from the heat, because unique sun reflective fabrics greatly lessen the heat of the summer
  • Easy to clean and keeps the original look for a long time
  • Suitable for spaces where the sunshine has to be hidden
  • Possibility to lessen the daylight by 100%
  • Can hide any niches or secret places in the house
  • Easily combined with curtains
  • Find something special for you, because we have hundredths of color, tone and design variations.
  • Suitable for unusual windows (triangle, trapezoid)
  • Company logo can be sewn in the blinds


For opening and closing of the Vertical blinds there is a cord, in the end of which there is an offset. With special chain the daylight can be regulated by turning the blind columns in the needed angle. If the blinds are till the window sill then cord and chain are 200-300mm, if the blinds are till floor then 1200-1300mm.

You have to be careful so the children and the animals don’t tangle in the cords. Vertical blinds can be opened wither pulling then to one side – right or left, or symmetrically pulling them to each side.


Vertical blinds can be washed. It is easy – blinds are put together, rolled up, put in cloth bag and washed in the washing machine. In the beginning they can be just vacuumed with the vacuum cleaner. Blinds with Teflon coating can be easily washed with wet piece of cloth, water and soap or gentle washing solutions.

Our Fabrics

77450784stripe55min Stripe 55 127mm

1925979664stripe8amin Stripe 8a 127mm

7602926059-205min 9-205 89mm

68825449-206min 9-206 89mm

995993679spice1min Spice 10 White 89mm

774947607blow1min Blow 1 127mm

2126570769spice4min Spice 4 127mm

3053883879-202min 9-202 89mm

9-210min 9-210 89mm

12-4min 12-4 127mm

dutumin Dufy 127mm

vasaramin Summer 127mm

rozetta6min Rozetta6 127mm


vertikala-auduma-1 vertikala-auduma-2 vertikalas-auduma vertikalas-auduma1

natural1 Natural – 501/ 251
american-walnut American walnut – 504/254

maple1 Maple – 502/ 252
red-mahogany1 Red mahagony – 505/255

golden-oak1 Golden oak – 503/ 253
walnut1 Walnut – 504d/ 254d