Japanska paneler

Japanese panels are like a screen that elegantly hides window, niche or hallway. It is absolutely sleek with monochrome or printed fabric or net piece system which is fastened in special multi-layer cornice with offset in the bottom. That makes the fabric stretched out and doesn’t make crinkles. Japanese panel blinds can be made from natural materials – delicate straw and jute network, bamboo and reed. Japanese panel benefits:

  • Suitable for living spaces as well as entertainment venues and public spaces which have minimalism style
  • Suitable for spacious rooms with big windows.
  • Can be used to split the room in several zones
  • Can hide any niches or secret spaces in the house
  • Company logo or any different kind of print can be imprinted.
  • In southern side of the rooms it is advised to have special sun-repellent fabrics, which greatly lessen the summer heat
  • We will find something unique especially for you, because we have hundredths different color and type of materials in our catalogue which can be adjusted to any taste
  • Special designs for kids rooms
  • Compact, doesn’t take up much space

Use: This system can be made to slide from the middle as well as from one side, control with a special chain and move in window as a screen or a panel. Panels move one behind the other on a separate cornice grooves. Possible to make different combinations with the fabrics.   Care: Fabric columns in the top are attached with tape. It is easy to take it off and clean with a sponge or vacuum cleaner. Curtain fabrics can be washed in washing machine as well. They are hanged back while they are still wet and an offset is put on bottom, so they don’t crinkle. If panels are made from different kind of fabric, then you have to follow exactly that material care guide.

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natural1 Natural – 501/ 251
american-walnut American walnut – 504/254

maple1 Maple – 502/ 252
red-mahogany1 Red mahagony – 505/255

golden-oak1 Golden oak – 503/ 253
walnut1 Walnut – 504d/ 254d