Roman blinds are an interesting combination which connects the best from blinds and curtains. Because of sophistication and comfortable lifting material roman blinds are in very high demand. As a type there are the luxurious French curtains. Before they were sewn from transparent, light fabrics, but now from thicker fabrics as well. French blinds don’t have “ribs”, they beautifully crinkle, which gives volume and fullness. Austrian blinds – it is a middle ground between Roman and French blinds. In released form the fabric is crinkled, but the crinkles are only in the bottom. Lifting the blinds makes more crinkles. They look more luxurious than French blinds and give a cozy effect. Our collection offers more than 6000 fabric designs. There are three type of Roman blinds available – from fabric and natural – wooden or jute.   Roman blind benefits:

  • Hundredths of fabrics available which are made in France and Italy
  • Very wide range, starting from transparent and ending with night-type materials
  • Very decorative
  • Gives romantic and cozy feeling in the room
  • With special prints for the kids room
  • We will find something unique especially for you, because we have hundredths different color and type of materials in our catalogue which can be adjusted to any taste

Use: The mechanism can be attached to the window, wall or ceiling. Because of compact fasteners it is easy to screw them on without spaces.   Care: As the fabric is attached with a tape it is easy to take it off and wash with hands, or in the washing machine on the delicate mode. Can be given to the dry cleaners. Wooden and jute blinds can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

Our Fabrics

087767-0056grafton-glowneGrafton 65 % vis, 22 % pes, 13 % cott width – 140cm montana-image-007Montana ZS 103 56% cotton, 27% pes, 17% viscoza width – 150cm organza-60-probnik-makro0Organza SOHO 65% pes, 35% cott width – 3000cm zs-cometa-08-8010-glowneCometa 8010 35 % pes 65 % cot width – 300cm zs-cometa-08-8013-glowneCometa 8013 35 % pes 65 % cot width – 300cm

25358-57_1 rimsk_preim_2 Roman-Blinds- romiewu

natural1 Natural – 501/ 251
american-walnut American walnut – 504/254

maple1 Maple – 502/ 252
red-mahogany1 Red mahagony – 505/255

golden-oak1 Golden oak – 503/ 253
walnut1 Walnut – 504d/ 254d