People have taken fancy to the wooden roller blinds as simple and natural variation for window design. These blinds are used for windows as well as doors, glass loggias, passages from one room to another, to hide niches. Wooden roller blinds are made from natural materials – Ramin wood, mahogany, cork, pine, bamboo in thickness till 5mm, which threaded with threads makes something like wooden fabric, which is easy and simple to roll and unroll.   Wooden roller blind benefits:

  • Helps to keep warmness in the room
  • Maximal wooden roller blind width is 2.4 meters, length is unlimited
  • In our catalogue we have approximately 20 various type and color materials, which can be matched to any interior and furniture style
  • Softly scatters the sunlight
  • Can be well adjusted to traditional furniture, as well as modern furniture
  • Looks very good in spaces with eco design
  • Gives feeling of coziness and comfort in any room
  • Unique structure of material which makes every order special

Care: Wooden roller blinds can be cleaned with dry piece of cloth or with vacuum cleaner with soft brush. Can be given to the dry cleaners. Wooden blinds must not be washed, because water can damage the material. That’s why these kinds of blinds are not suitable for spaces where there is constant humidity– saunas, bathrooms etc.   Use: They can be attached to wall, as well as ceiling or aisle. Lifting and lowering is possible with simple cord system. You need to be careful so the animals and children don’t tangle in the cords.

Our collection

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natural1 Natural – 501/ 251
american-walnut American walnut – 504/254

maple1 Maple – 502/ 252
red-mahogany1 Red mahagony – 505/255

golden-oak1 Golden oak – 503/ 253
walnut1 Walnut – 504d/ 254d